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Auzen Global, Inc.

Distribution · Export · Global Marketing · Consulting · Engineering · Outsourced Manufacturing Management

Auzen Global, Inc. is a leading distributor & marketing firm for the Korean market as well as providing wide range of global consulting & export services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. With offices in Korea and Shenzhen, China, Auzen Global, Inc. provides R&D, engineering services with several award winning products portfolio, as well as outsourced manufacturing management. Contact us to learn more.

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Distribution · Export · Global Marketing · Consulting · Engineering · Outsourced Manufacturing Management

AUZEN GLOBAL brings decades of experience in R&D, engineering & production management, distribution, marketing & sales in a global scales. 


Not all companies have the funds to launch product in global scales. AUZEN GLOBAL have decades of experience working in innovative and challenging environments, creating and implementing marketing plans and worldwide distribution channels; all this with limited funds. 

Managing production in China can be challenging with many day to day followup and experiences needed. AUZEN GLOBAL TEAM CHINA is located in Shenzhen and have decades of management experiences for the biggest brands.

Distribution in Korea needs a totally different understanding and approach of marketing and sales. AUZEN GLOBAL represent several well known brands as well as start up companies for the Korean market. 

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Contact us and find how our services and distribution channel can benefit your company.

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