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Korea market

Korean market needs a different approach than any other market. With the highest internet connectivity in the world, Korean young population are keen to trying new things, word to mouth marketing, forum management, placement of goods in K-drama, government sales, retail, online, pricing are all related. Seems similar? No, each aspect needs a full understanding of culture and relationship. Something that AUZEN GLOBAL is good at.

Auzen Global Store






AUZEN GLOBAL and Soundcat are strategic partners for the Korean market and the following portfolio is added in the list of exclusive distribution for Korea. Through our strategic partnership, we have grown to be the no. 1 distributor of custom earphones (serving to 95% of K-POP stars), headphones, and portable audio in Korea:



With the growing demands for Korean products in China, AUZEN GLOBAL expanded it's business to supplying Korean cosmetics, toiletries, household goods and baby bottles to China through strategic partnership with mobile, online and offline stores in China.

AUZEN GLOBAL represent several Korean IT companies for overseas export and global growth. 

CLIENTS: Cosmetic companies (Korea), Uzin Medicare Spectra (Korea), CK&B Hidden Tag (Korea), Jellyspon Konjac Sponge (Korea), Manjun Seaweed (Korea)

Global Marketing & Consulting


AUZEN GLOBAL Sales & Marketing Team understand the "secret code" that is needed for the success of your product launch in the global scale.

AUZEN GLOBAL provides consulting that helps to accelerate your business in a global scale. 

We are making sure that each parties understand the risks, pro & cons and have the right expectation of the market.

CLIENTS: Namo WebEditor ONE (USA/Korea), QiPower (China), U2O Global iWALK (China)



AUZEN GLOBAL R&D team achieved several world first, awared winning product development and release. With a combined experience of over 100 years, AUZEN GLOBLAL performs investigations, research, and development and provides consulting and other services on audio related product development from speakers headpones, digital to analog converters, digital to digital converters, headphone amps, iOS & Android related mobile products and more.

We are speedy, reliable, and accountable. Micom, embedded system, CPLD, FPGA, sensor circuitry, digital circuitry, analog circuitry are all a strengh that we have.

Our product have gained several world class award and we have managed to lead difficult projects collaborating across software and hardware development and marketing departments, with diverse nationalities in different countries, with big names companies.  

AUZEN GLOBAL continues to take on the challenges in new technology. 

Outsourced Manufacturing Management


Recently, with the raise of crowdfunding, many inventors get funds, but without experience, they will have have hard time to produce and release; AUZEN GLOBAL can help with all these crowdfunded product by providing expertise in production and release of product. Just got funded through Kickstarter? Running out of time? Don't have the experience in mass production? Contact us. We won't let you down. 

CLIENTS: Kickstarter funded company (Sorry, we are not able to provide our client list as we are under MNDA), U2O Global (iWalk) - speaker, audio line up development.



Sourcing and QC management can be challenging especially when managed far away from China. Alibaba sourcing cannot always be viable. AUZEN GLOBAL TEAM CHINA is based in Shenzhen, allowing us to provide you with the right product sourcing and QC management.

Sourcing · Purchasing · Incoming Inspection · First Article Inspection · Process Inspection · Inbound/Outbound Inspection · Total Solution One Stop Solution for Production Management

CLIENTS: Telecom companies (Japan), Sleep Easily (USA), JC's Pie Pops (USA), Mac-Case (USA), Angelina Hart Boutique (USA)

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